Singing kids are rocking western Sydney

WSLHD Consumer Representative; Dr Coralie Wales, Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir
Consumer Representative manager Dr Coralie Wales presents Certificate of Appreciation to the Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir for their angelic performance at the WSLHD Annual Public Meeting.

The Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir is becoming a name commonly associated with WSLHD, performing recently at the district’s Annual Public Meeting (APM) and entertaining crowds at more than 50 gigs this year alone.

The choir started in 2010 and consists of school aged children who sing songs in both English and their native indigenous language of Darug.

David Armstrong, the choir’s leader explained that singing in Darug is important in building cultural confidence in the children and through this, in families.

“With a limited budget, I enable a few hours of employment for several Aboriginal Aunties to support the kids in getting to and sustaining their choir practice,” David said.

WSLHD Community and Consumer Partnerships manager Dr Coralie Wales visited the choir to present them with a Certificate of Appreciation for their outstanding performance at the Local Health District’s Annual Public Meeting.

“We honour and support the good work that David and his colleagues do for our Aboriginal kids in western Sydney. Thank you for your great performance at our Annual Public Meeting,” Coralie said.

A story recently appeared on the ABC news website about the Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir, to view visit:

WSLHD Annual Public Meeting; Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir
The Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir performed at the WSLHD Annual Public Meeting.