In need of a career change?

WSLHD Consumer Representatives; Judith Lababedi
WSLHD staff who appeared in the 2017 Quality Awards promotion – features Judith wearing the orange shirt.

Are you thinking about retiring and looking for a something to keep you busy?  If so, becoming a Consumer Representative could be just the thing for you! 

A Consumer Representative is a carefully selected and trained health consumer who volunteers to collaborate with staff members with the aim of improving the delivery of our health services.

Your insights into the complexity of public health in our patch would be a great asset in your role as a Consumer Representative.
We currently have around 45 actively engaged Consumer Representatives who undertake discussions with staff members on committees and working parties across the Western Sydney Local Health District
Among our Consumer Representatives are a number of retired WSLHD staff members. 
Judith Lababedi has lived in Blacktown since the 1970’s and is a passionate advocate for person-centred care. As a retired nurse consultant from Blacktown Hospital, she knows the challenges staff face on a daily basis and engages with staff to bring a person-centred perspective.
“I understand the difficulties that staff have, workloads, pressures, but I also understand how it is to be a carer and what it’s like for a patient,” said Judith. 
I can identify the things that go wrong and the simple things that could be done to make that person’s experience okay.
Nothing complicated, nothing that costs money, just simple things that health professionals could do to make a patient’s experience better.”
Judith is making a difference.  She is active on a number of committees and says that her friendships within the Consumer Representative network are important and supportive.
If you would like to know more, contact Coralie Wales on 0418186829 or Tara Lee on 0437 874 244 or follow this link and fill out a few details and we will contact you: