No pain is your gain at Westmead Pain Centre

Westmead Hospital; physiotherapist
Westmead Hospital physiotherapist Joshua Pate.

Westmead Hospital’s Pain Management Centre has launched a new education session for patients experiencing chronic pain.  The sessions are a collaboration between Westmead Hospital’s Pain Management Centre and the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation.

Patients and their families can now receive helpful information and explore different pain strategies from specialised staff.

Westmead Hospital physiotherapist Joshua Pate said the possibilities for patients with chronic pain are expanding as the research base grows.

“Having a co-ordinated plan involving medical, physical and psychological professionals is ideal,” Joshua said.

“These health issues, if unmanaged, can cause significant physical and emotional problems over time.

“All patients referred to Westmead Hospital’s Pain Management Centre are encouraged to attend these free informative sessions as well as members of the community.

The two hour education sessions will run every second month in 2018.

For more information, visit or contact Westmead Hospital’s Pain Management Centre on 8890 7800.