Surgical registrar: “Persistence always pays off”

Surgical registrar Oleksandr Khoma.
Surgical registrar Oleksandr Khoma is at Auburn Hospital on rotation from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Surgical registrar Oleksandr Khoma, who is on surgical rotation at Auburn Hospital from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, has shared a powerful message to inspire people who are working hard to achieve their dream.

After moving to Australia ten years ago from Ukraine, where he grew up, he took on the challenging process of getting his medical degree recognised in Australia.

“The process wasn’t easy. It took about two and a half years. It’s a combination of study and exams,” said Oleksandr.

“While I waited, I wanted to start work in a hospital so I became an orderly and assistant in nursing. Once I was finally eligible to practice, I took up an opportunity in Siberia to complete a surgical internship. I came back to Sydney and became a resident at Concord Hospital. I’m now a surgical registrar at Auburn Hospital, on rotation from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

“The last six months at Auburn have been a huge highlight of my career. I’ve still got steps to take to become a surgeon and I’m determined to tackle them all.

“Sometimes you’re pulling your hair out because you’re so frustrated at how long it takes but looking back I can’t even remember those times, it’s all positive now.

“It’s always difficult when you start but if you work hard and persist, everyone will get there in the end.

“Today, ten years in Australia seems like a beautiful dream.”