Green light for Blacktown Hospital’s new parking system


Car park system operator
Mike Vlanic has installed our new red light / green light parking guidance system at Blacktown Hospital.

Mike Vlanic from parking technology company PGA has lost count of the number of car park systems he’s installed around Sydney. Major shopping centres, commercial premises, hundreds of big developments. But never a hospital car park. Until now.

The red light/green light parking guidance system so familiar to us from shopping centre car parks has arrived at Blacktown Hospital and Mike says “you’re gonna’ love it.”

Blacktown Hospital’s new car park extension opened today and will be the first hospital in NSW with the system. It also includes a blue light/green light to designate available disabled parking spaces.

“It really helps improve traffic flow in a car park because people see the lights and think, OK, that’s where I’m going,” Mike said.

“It stops people slowing down through the aisles because they can look ahead.

“You get less queues and faster turnaround.”

The new system has also been retrofitted to the existing P1 car park for a smoother experience, and enhanced with new car space counters at the entry point.

“People can see that there’s spaces available and they will also see on the external counters how many available spaces there are,” Mike said.

“It certainly will be a big improvement for drivers.”

Health Infrastructure Project Director Chris Horton said contractors will complete the finishing touches this weekend ahead of the opening next week.

“The existing car park and the new extension have been integrated to create one larger car park with better flow, a new parking office, and more bike parking,” he said.

What you need to know:

•             The P1 car park at Blacktown Hospital will be closed from 10pm on Friday 19 January to allow for the final building connections to be completed.

•             During this time, staff please use P2 car park and visitors please use P3 or P12. Check the parking map here.

•             The P1 car park will reopen on Monday 22 January.

•             The new P1 car park extension will also open next week.

•             There is no change to parking fees or concessional parking.

•             The car park office is now located in P1 for concession parking validation and enquiries.

•             Remember traffic conditions are changing. Drive slowly and carefully and follow the signs and instructions from staff.

For parking information, download the Hospark app or visit