Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall… and donated $52k to our tiny babies

Auburn Hospital’s registered midwives Malla Mona and Jodie Winter.

Auburn families will benefit from specialised medical equipment to assist Auburn Hospital’s newborn babies, thanks to a generous donation from the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

The equipment, which is valued at $52,000, will be donated to the hospital’s Special Care Nursery and Birthing Unit. It consists of radical-7 pulse oximeters, neonatal resuscitaire unit and breast milk warming and thawing devices.

Auburn Hospital’s director of nursing Kate Murphy was grateful for the generous donation and new equipment.

“The oximeter measures the oxygen saturation levels in a babies blood with a non-invasive method and the milk warmer will assist premature babies to digest milk safely and hygienically without overheating and removing nutrients and vitamins.

“Thank you Humpty Dumpty for supporting the community and families of Auburn,” Kate said.

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