Make healthy your choice in 2018!

Westmead Hospital’s Postal Services staff were early adopters of the Rethink Your Drink campaign. Pictured are Fatima Quadri, Nely Mendoza, Shinder Gill and manager Jude Frazer.

A recent food and drink survey of nearly 2,000 staff found that most people believe it’s important our health facilities provide healthy options for staff, visitors and patients.

“People come to hospital for a variety of reasons, but ultimately to improve their health and wellbeing. It’s our responsibility to support patients, friends, family and staff to easily make healthy food and drink choices while visiting our services,” said Westmead Hospital’s Ophthalmology service coordinator Belinda Ford.

Over the past few months you may have noticed some changes to food and drink options at cafes and vending machines across Western Sydney Local Health District. These changes are part of NSW Health’s work to move our facilities towards providing healthier food and drink options for staff and visitors.

Removing sugary drinks with no nutritional value is one of the first major milestones.

Westmead Hospital led the way on this initiative with the successful pilot of the “Rethink your drink” campaign last year.

There’s never a better time to kick start a healthier you than at the beginning of a new year, so when it comes to choosing the best choice of drink, there’s nothing healthier than water.

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