Patient pens heartfelt message to Blacktown Hospital

Blacktown Hospital patient John Riffel
John Riffel is immensely grateful for the support of the radiation therapy team at Blacktown Hospital.

Blacktown Hospital patient John Riffel has written a letter filled with glowing feedback for staff in the facility’s radiation therapy unit.

This month, John completed his radiation therapy treatment for his prostate cancer.

“January 18 was my 33rd and final day for receiving radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer,” said John.

“I started this day with mixed feelings because the magnificent people at the radiation therapy team at Blacktown Hospital had become an integral part of my life in selflessly assisting with my treatment and recovery.

“I got to know people who routinely and carefully positioned me for procedures that required such immense concentration, similar to a space shuttle launch.

“What was incredibly impressive was how the team showed the same committed high standard and dedication to me each and every single day.

“They went above and beyond, always showing interest, care and respect. I’m amazed how the team never appeared to have off days or were ever disinterested in their work in helping us manage and control cancer.

Our real unsung heroes are the people like these who work in this facility. Your contribution to my health will never be forgotten.”

Thank you for your feedback John – we are so pleased you are feeling better too!