Emotional triumphs of helping couples become parents

Dr Lorance Melhem
Dr Lorance Melhem is a talented and much-loved clinician at Westmead Hospital.

Talented gyneacologist Dr Lorance Melhem from Westmead Hospital has shared some of the emotional highs she experiences after helping a couple conceive, as part of this week’s Humans of the Hospital

Dr Melhem opened up about a woman she looked after, who was trying to get pregnant for a long time.

“After ten years of IVF treatment, she finally got pregnant and it put the biggest smile on my face,” Dr Melhem said.

“Her determination paid off – she had a beautiful baby.

“Six months after she gave birth, I saw her in our Women’s Health Clinic waiting room with her miracle baby. I asked why she was at the clinic and she said, “I’m pregnant.” She had fallen pregnant with her second baby naturally! I got goosebumps everywhere, it was amazing.

“As a gynaecologist I can’t perform miracles but I can guide couples on a path that can help them conceive.

“Some of the women I see get pregnant naturally after a few tests and some need the whole process of IVF. 

“If a woman has a maternal instinct and a desire to have a baby, how could you refuse her. I think it’s fabulous IVF has given people opportunities they may not have had. It’s indescribable when I see a lady come back pregnant.

“It brings tears to my eyes, knowing that what I’ve done really does mean something,” Dr Melhem said. 


Doctor and patients
Dr Lorance Melhem meets with couple Christine Manolo and Chris White, who are ready to start a family.