For he’s a jolly good Fellow

Professor Vicki Flood with Dr Madhan Balasubramanian.

Congratulations to the University of Sydney (Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Dentistry) and WSLHD researcher Madhan Balasubramanian who was named the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Sidney Sax Early Career Research Fellow for his work in health workforce integration.

The aim of the NHMRC Early Career Fellowship is to enable developing health and medical researchers of outstanding ability to undertake advanced training in health and medical research either in Australia or overseas.

“I have been fortunate to be based in the University of Sydney, Australia’s first university and ranked among the top universities in the world.   I work with some of the nation’s leading minds in health services, health policy and health systems, which gives me the freedom and ability to think beyond traditional boundaries and identify unbiased solutions for the best interests of the population,” Madhan said.

“Health workforce integration is how various workforce groups, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals, can work more collaboratively, serving the best interests of our patients and population at large.”

In WSLHD, Madhan will be based in the Research and Education Network (REN), working closely with Allied Health Team (under the supervision of Professor Vicki Flood), and collaborating with the medical and dental teams and other research centres and units.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Western Sydney community and I am totally immersed in this multicultural diverse atmosphere, rapid lifestyle and deep cultural roots here.

“WSLHD is one of the fastest growing regions in NSW, delivering health care to more than a million people. It has five major hospitals, and over 800 specialist clinics and services.

“More importantly, WSLHD has a very enviable record in medical research, innovation and education. Being based in the Research and Education Network (REN) in WSLHD gives me the opportunity to collaborate with researchers here who are more closely engaged with policy and planning and contribute towards cutting edge research in WSLHD.

“I’m currently spending some time at Kings College London, planning a two-country parallel study in UK and Australia and exploring evidence-based approaches on how the health workforce can be redesigned for the future.

“Over the next five to five years, we intend to build a good evidence base in health workforce integration and models of care that will serve the basis for workforce and health service innovations primarily here at WSLHD but also elsewhere in NSW and Australia.

“We intend to work collaboratively across various professions and build capacity for health services research here at WSLHD.

“Our goal is also to be successful in gaining competitive research funding, build international links and been seen a progressive and innovative group that develops cutting edge research at the top level.”

Madhan recently had a short period back in Australia, allowing time to catch up with colleagues in WSLHD and University of Sydney.

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