Free domestic violence awareness training

Lifeline Western Sydney is providing free Domestic Violence (DV) Training within the Western Sydney area.

DV-aware is a two-hour awareness session that helps raise the awareness of the public around the issue of domestic and family violence.

The session will be held on :

7th March 2018, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Parramatta Mission, Ground Floor, 119 Macquarie St, Parramatta

What will I learn?

You’ll walk away with some basic knowledge and tools that will guide you to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence and reflect on what you can do as an individual or group to prevent family violence. This is a great opportunity to network with other frontline workers in the community and improve your referral skills through increased knowledge of local resources and support.

How much will it cost?

No cost – the training is free.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register:

Want us to train your staff at your site?

If you are working for a government or corporate organisation, find out how you can request for a free DV-awareness (2 hour or 1 day) or DV-alert session (2 days) for your staff through Lifeline’s corporate training.

Want to know what other public DV workshops are available?

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