Westmead Hospital: The home of true love

Sunny and Star
Star and Sunny found love at Westmead Hospital.

Who knew Westmead Hospital was such a breeding ground for love?

To mark Valentine’s Day 2018, we’ve captured some of the romantic stories of couples who met and found the love of their life within the corridors of Westmead.

In fact, a study of 2,000 adults has shown relationships that begin at work are more likely to be long lasting – and this has proven to be the case for our couples.

Take Sunny and Star for example.

They were first year graduates who worked together in Westmead Hospital’s respiratory ward in 2011.

Their colleagues thought their names were unique, so they drew a picture of a star and a sun on the whiteboard. This is how they were introduced.

The pair attended their work Christmas party together where they learned a little more about each other.  It was at the party where Star confirmed he was moving house.  Sunny asked where… it turned out he was renting a property right next door to the one Sunny was purchasing.

They married in 2012 and now have two children.  Their two daughters’ names are just as beautiful as their parents’ – Skye and Sydney.

Kris and Bill.
Kris accidentally tipped tea into Bill’s police hat.

Meet Kris and Bill.

Kris met her husband Bill in Westmead Hospital’s emergency department, where their romance began 35 years ago.

He was a policeman and she was a newly appointed night duty charge nurse (now known as a nursing unit manager).

When Bill visited the emergency department while on duty, Kris accidentally tipped a cup of tea into Bill’s police hat, which was on the tea room table.

Kris said that’s how they started talking, and as they say, the rest is history.

“We are still married and have a gorgeous 22 year old son about to finish his masters at university,” Kris said.

“You could say Westmead Hospital is a family affair for our family.”

Susan and Mark work at Westmead Hospital together.

And how about Susan Annable and Mark Savige.

This couple met at the San Hospital in Wahroonga on Susan’s first day as a nurse in 1984.

She was looking for the human resources department and her future love, Mark, helped her find it.

They completed their training, travelled the world, came back, got married and bought a house.

They went on another adventure to Saudi Arabia where they both worked as nurses for six years.

On their return to Australia, Susan started work at Westmead Hospital. Mark joined the hospital about a decade later, where they both work together today.

They have two children aged 15 and 18. Susan said Mark is her best friend.

“We already celebrated Valentine’s Day on the weekend because I’m on day shift and he is on night shift – this is the nature of being nurses,” Susan said.

“But for us everyday is Valentine’s Day.”

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