The vollie stories that will warm your heart

Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospital volunteers agree it’s the little things that make a difference.

“It’s the little things that make a difference for patients and staff.”

This is the motto shared by Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospital volunteers.

Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals’ voluntary manager Janice Low has applauded the men and women who donate their time and energy to give back to their local community, in the most heartfelt ways.

“There are a couple of moments that really stick with me where our volunteers have gone above and beyond,” Janice said.

“Once, a visitor who was scheduled for a procedure seemed anxious, so I arranged for a volunteer to meet her at reception and stay with her until the doctor was ready to see her.

“The volunteer sat with her leading up to her procedure and assisted with a taxi when she was ready to leave.

“On another occasion one of our volunteers walked into the emergency department on Christmas Day and shared Christmas treats with staff and patients.  This volunteer loves to cook and thinks about others at Christmas and enjoys the spirit of giving.

“Recently a volunteer working in the emergency department became aware of dementia patient who seemed to be making a lot of noise.  The volunteer had a soft teddy in his bag. He had it ready for the occasions when we receive young patients. He approached the patient and told her the teddy was tired and needed a rest and asked her to look after it. He returned ten minutes later and found the teddy being cuddled by the patient – both were sound asleep.”

Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals’ volunteers are appreciated and valued by hospital management.

Our volunteer teams were submitted as entries in the NSW Volunteer Awards 2018 and the NSW Premier Awards 2017 for their contributions to patient care.

Next time you see a volunteer at Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals’ thank or high-five them for being so considerate, kind and compassionate to our patients, visitors and staff.

If you are interested in volunteering at Blacktown or Mount Druitt hospitals’, contact Janice at