Time to discharge bullying for good

Professor Dunn and the Emergency Medicine department staff

Wellbeing and resilience were the hot topics at the Emergency Medicine Feast Education Day at Westmead Hospital this month.

Stewart Dunn, professor of psychological medicine at Sydney Medical School led a workshop focusing on bullying, dealing with conflict and poor behaviour in colleagues.

Professor Dunn developed the workshop with the objective of empowering clinical staff to triage bullying behaviour.

The workshop included simulated role plays of conflict scenarios experienced by junior staff.

Professor Dunn coached and guided participants to understand the psychological reasons behind bullying behaviour, and what they could do to positively manage this behaviour in the future.

Tanya Jolly, manager of medical education said we need to ensure our junior staff are supported.

“Negotiating for positive outcomes to prevent conflict is an important skill. It’s really encouraging that this workshop has received so much positive feedback,” Tanya said.

To organise a workshop for your department, please contact Tanya Jolly at tanya.jolly@health.nsw.gov.au

For more about the educations day, visit the Emergency Medicine Education page.

If staff have concerns with bullying amongst their colleagues, if possible have a chat with your direct manager in the first instance.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is also available to staff and are available 24/7. Whatever the nature and extent of your concerns, feel free to call EAP on 8247 9191.