Under the microscope

Photo courtesy Getty Images.

Did you know? All NSW public hospitals undergo a routine review every two years.

This review is called accreditation, a process where external surveyors visit a hospital to test whether the hospital is meeting the National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards set by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

Westmead Hospital will participate in accreditation between 12 and 16 March.  Five surveyors will visit the hospital over a five day period where they will visit wards and departments and speak with staff.

Westmead and Auburn hospitals general manager Sue-Anne Redmond welcomes the surveyors who will review the performance of the hospital to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality healthcare.

“Westmead Hospital is one of the largest tertiary hospitals in western Sydney and we treat nearly one million patients each year,” Mrs Redmond said.

“The surveyors will provide a report on how well we meet the National Quality and Safety Standards and identify any areas for improvement.”

For further information about the accreditation process, visit: Westmead Hospital/Accreditation and Quality/Periodic Review Survey.