Welcome to Westmead Crane-ye West and Sir Lift-a-lot

Left to right: Sir Lift-a-lot and Crane-ye West

Introducing our new cranes, Sir Lift-a-lot and Crane-ye West. The new cranes will help build our new hospital building as part of the Westmead Redevelopment.

The names of the cranes were selected via a voting competition.

“I lift big, loads and I cannot lie, you other cranes can’t deny, that when a truck rolls in on 18 wheels and a trailer full of steel, you get sprung,” Sir Lift-A-Lot said.

Crane-ye west added: “I ain’t sayin’ she a soil digger, but she be hangin’ with no crane riggers.”

The cranes will have plenty more to say in the coming weeks.

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See the new cranes in action here.