Flavours of Kenya fill Westmead Emergency

Dancing to the beats of Kenya in the emergency department. Left to right: Staff specialist Dr Danielle Unwin with registered nurses Christine, Andear, Emily, Monica, John and Charles.

Westmead Hospital’s emergency department (ED) was today filled with the sights and sounds of Kenya to mark Harmony Day.

Harmony Day is celebrated on March 21 every year to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity.

Today’s event in Westmead Hospital’s ED was the first of many of its kind intended to celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds represented by staff from the department.

Kenyan nurses dressed in bright cultural attire and presented Kenyan and South Sudanese dishes complete with Kenyan music playing in the background and even some mini Kenyan dancing tutorials.

Left to right: Registered nurse Andear Labtt, medical officer Dr Kit Rowe, registered nurse Emily, nurse practitioner Megan Greg, staff specialist Dr Kavita Varshney, clinical nurse consultant Bonny Makoni, registered nurses Christine Njuguna, Monica John and Charles Njoroge.

ED nurse Andear Labtt said events like today’s make everyone feel included.

“We should definitely organise more events like this because it makes everyone feel like they’re part of the Australian community,” said Andear.

“It feels inclusive and very nice, and we always love to share our Kenyan culture.”

ED nurse Monica John talked about the bright clothing on display by the hospital’s Kenyan nurses.

“We like a lot of colour, particularly bright colours that are happy,” said Monica.

“Today’s event has been great, everyone is so supportive in our department – you never feel isolated.”

Left to right: Registered nurses Andear Labtt, Christine Njuguna, Emily, Monica John and Charles Njoroge.

For more information about Harmony Day visit: https://www.harmony.gov.au/