His heart beats for the job

Stephen Brown cardiac technician
Stephen Brown is a cardiac technician at Westmead Hospital.

Westmead Hospital cardiac technician has provided an insight to his role and the pleasures of working in his field as part of the latest Humans of the Hospital post on the Western Sydney Local Health District Facebook page.

Stephen says his team provides life-saving devices for patients requiring heart help.

“I help people with sick hearts,” Stephen said.

“I don’t operate and I’m not a doctor though, I’m a cardiac technician.

“My hardworking and passionate team provides the technology to manage and monitor patients with heart conditions. We have life-saving devices such as defibrillators and pacemakers that regulate irregular heart rhythms. We even have new technology to provide 3D mapping of the heart.”

Stephen said patients’ conditions have become more complex over time.

“We monitor patients from their home. If there is an abnormality, our technology immediately alerts us. We can then contact the patient and bring them in for a check-up, no matter what time of the day.

“I feel lucky I get to play a hand in keeping people alive. It’s such a comforting and warm feeling.”

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