Our orderlies are superheroes

Orderlies Grant Thorpe and Sebastiaan Baarbe

Did you know? Our orderly services team at Westmead Hospital responds to a whopping 32,000 tasks a month.

Orderlies are involved in patient care by moving patients from A to B.

They ensure wards are neat and tidy, lift and turn patients and transporting them in wheelchairs or on movable beds, and providing direct care and support.

The Westmead Hospital service runs 24/7 with a team of eighty orderlies.

Westmead Hospital orderly services manager David Horne, who has been at Westmead Hospital the past 31 years, says the best part of his job is coming across patients with a positive attitude.

“From an orderly perspective, seeing a patient being very unwell over a period of time, taking them to discharging unit, and then seeing their happy face when they go home… that is the most rewarding part of our job,” David said.

Orderlies are also part of patient care, where they may attend to the same patient several times throughout their patient journey.

More than half of the orderly team has been at Westmead Hospital for more than ten years.

For patient assistance or more on the department visit their webpage here or phone 8890 6888.