Baby’s sleepover with mum at Westmead

Mum and baby.
Jaylee was grateful her baby was able to stay with her during her recent stay at Westmead.

When new mum Jaylee was due for a five-day stay at Westmead Hospital for her regular cystic fibrosis (CF)  ‘tune-up’, staff knew she wouldn’t want to spend time away from her newborn baby.

So that 20-year-old Jaylee could stay in close contact with her four-month-old Daniel Wipti, Westmead Hospital’s respiratory team and cystic fibrosis service teamed-up to ensure the baby was within arm’s reach of Jaylee’s hospital bed during her entire stay.

The hospital provided baby Daniel with a comfy cot and fresh linen in Jaylee’s private room.

Jaylee’s regular CF tune-up consists of various treatments to manage her condition. As a CF patient, Jaylee needs to visit Westmead Hospital approximately fourteen times a year for this treatment.

Jaylee was humbled by the hospital’s efforts to accommodate her newborn.

“The team organised for my baby to stay in hospital without me even having to ask,” Jaylee said.

“I wanted to ask but I was nervous they’d say no, but my doctors and nurses went ahead and organised it all for me.

“Having Daniel close made it a lot easier and gave me peace of mind.”

Baby Daniel and mum Jaylee
The team at Westmead Hospital provided a cot and fresh linen for baby Daniel.

As a long-standing patient, Jaylee was also supported by Westmead Hospital’s CF team to conceive.

“Growing up with CF I thought I would never be able to have children,” Jaylee said.

“It’s harder for CF males and female to conceive, but the team here helped me keep the baby alive and safe.

“I ended up having Daniel at 37 weeks and it was an easy pregnancy.”

Respiratory unit nurse manager Matthias Langer said that the respiratory team and CF service wanted to ensure Jaylee was able to fulfil her duties as a new mum.

“We knew Jaylee having contact with her baby was important so we followed the hospital’s baby boarder policy to make it happen,” Matthias said.

“I’m really pleased we could make Jaylee’s stay more comfortable for her.”