The Pulse turns one

The Pulse
The Corporate Communications team that brings you The Pulse. L-R Jara Pinheiro, Siobhan Fogarty, Carlos Furtado, Sia Anthopoulos, Joshua Said and Jenny Harrison.

It’s a year today since Western Sydney Local Health District launched its digital news site The Pulse.

In doing so, WSLHD became the first health district in NSW to introduce a real-time digital news source for its staff and its community.

Over the past 365 days, half a million Pulse pages have been viewed with weekly readership spiking as high as 12,000 people.


The Pulse has transformed the way staff and the public receive their news and has revolutionised the way WSLHD tells its story. 

Breaking news, announcements, launches, events, health alerts and feature stories are published daily – and sometimes hourly.

The Pulse has covered a live birth at Westmead Hospital, provided first-person stories from the heroes that care for our patients, has been the first to issue important health alerts and shared groundbreaking research – including a remarkable breastfeeding fact about the way a mother’s milk changes when her child is unwell – this went viral right around the world.

The Pulse can be viewed on any device at any time. You can easily upload a link to your personal device by adding it to the homepage of your smartphone menu – instructions are available here: 

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