Security guards keeping us safe

Past and present security staff from Westmead Hospital.

Security officers are a necessity for public hospitals in order to provide safety support for our staff and our visitors.

Western Sydney Local Health District employs more than 80 security officers who safeguard the hospital’s property and the thousands of patients, visitors and staff.

Recently Westmead Hospital security officers past and present gathered together to celebrate 40 years of their companionship.

The longest serving employee in the department is Maya Prasad who started with the Parramatta Hospital’s Westmead Centre four decades ago.

“Over the past 40 years I’ve worked in the security department I’ve met lots of interesting people and I’ve enjoyed helping the staff and officers in their line of work,” Ms Prasad said.

“I’ve always worked with a good team and I have felt like a family member to them all.”

This year Westmead Hospital will celebrate 40 years of serving the communities of western Sydney on November 10.

Further information about the upcoming celebrations will be published on The Pulse.