Health literacy seminar helps create clarity

An ABS survey has found only 41 per cent of adults have adequate health literacy skills.

About 30 people have taken part in the first health literacy seminar at Westmead Hospital.

Professor Don Nutbeam, who is helping to establish the WSLHD health literacy hub said it is important for staff to find out how they can effectively communicate with patients.

“We know we can do better in helping our patients understand the health information we are presenting to them,” he said.

“This can be everything from the medical advice we provide during consultations, to treatment and medication information, through to follow-up information in the form of patient information leaflets.

“There is good evidence from research to guide improvements in our day-to-day communications with individual patients and our community,” Professor Nutbeam said.

Throughout the year, the WSLHD health literacy hub and the health literacy lab at the University of Sydney will run a series of bi-monthly seminars which are open to clinical and non-clinical staff.

The seminars cover best practices and research innovations in effective communication, as part of the vision to make western Sydney one of the most health literate communities in Australia.

Details for the next Health Literacy Seminar are:

Date: Tuesday, 5th June 2018

Time: 2-3pm

Location: Lecture Theatre 3, WECC Space, Westmead Hospital (Teleconferencing available via Skype)

Theme: ‘How to develop easy-to-read written materials’.

Presenters: Professor Parisa Aslani, Professor of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney