Communication not cutting it?

Communication not as effective as it could be? Tell us in the Staff Communication Survey.
Sometimes communication is not as effective as it could be…

Tell us what’s working and what’s not in the staff communication survey.

A more interactive intranet site, targeted email lists, mobile Apps, hardcopy news, and ward visits by senior leaders, are just a few of the suggestions we’ve received so far.

Early feedback suggests the amount of information you receive from WSLHD is about right, but you want better communication between departments and more opportunities to have a say.

Do you agree?

We’re committed to making improvements, so if you haven’t already, tell us what you want in the survey.

There are just 10 questions and most are multiple choice and it will take around 5 minutes.

It’s completely anonymous. Nominating your facility and type of work will help us better understand the needs of different groups of staff.

If you’re interested in discussing your experience of staff communication (individual chats or focus groups), please send an email to with “Staff communication” in the subject.