Mother-daughter duo in same ward for almost two decades

Mum and daughter
Mother-daughter nurse duo Maridy Morrison and Marizon Villanueva have worked in the same team for 19 years.

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to work with your mum?

Intensive care nurses Maridy Morrison and Marizon Villanueva have worked in the same hospital, team and ward for almost 20 years.

Maridy, whose name was influenced by a fusion of her mother and father’s name, initially wanted to steer clear from nursing.

“In year 10 I vowed I’d never be a nurse because I wasn’t a fan of the shift work and the times mum couldn’t be home when I was growing up,” Maridy said.

“When I finished my HSC, my husband Terry who is in the navy suggested I consider nursing so I could have a career I could take on anywhere in the world, just in case we needed to relocate.”

The pair say they have loved working together at Westmead Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Maridy said that when she started her job as a nurse in Westmead Hospital’s intensive care unit where mum Marizon worked, people had a lot of questions.

“People would ask me how I’d get past working so closely with mum,” Maridy said.

“Work is work, you can’t let family get in the way and we don’t discuss family issues at work.”

Marizon said she had a strong level of mutual understanding with her daughter.

“When we work together we understand each other really well,” she said.

“If it’s a hard day, or even if I’m hungry Marizon will send me to morning tea.”

Marking the end of an era, Maridy is now taking on a role with Westmead Hospital’s nursing executive as a clinical nurse educator.

Marizon and Maridy are spending Mother’s Day having a barbecue with the family.

“I’m so proud of my daughter and all my children,” Marizon said.