Summit looks at potential of health precincts

Out There Summit 2018: The Rise of the Innovation Precinct from Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue on Vimeo.

Panellists at this year’s Out There Summit have stressed the importance of looking at how our health and education precincts like Westmead can shape the future of communities in Sydney’s west.

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue discussed how the legacy of our generation’s investment in health must be in the health of the community itself.

Chief executive of the Western Sydney Local Health District Danny O’Connor said it is critical to continue to look forward to the future.

“These places ought to be seen as the places which unite us with the expertise and the science and the discipline and the relationships to seek a healthier society,” he said.

The panellists also included SWSLHD chief executive Amanda Larkin, City of Campbelltown chief executive Lindy Deitz, NAB Health general manager Cameron Fuller and CEO of the Greater Sydney Commission Sarah Hill.

With a focus on Greater Western Sydney, this year’s Out There Summit looked at how policies and projects can shape the next leadership class, stimulate urban renewal and strengthen capacity to deliver jobs, homes and services for a rapidly growing population.

Panellists discussed the role Western Sydney’s health and education clusters play in shaping the region.

“These are the places from which we leverage other relationships in the private sector as well as in the public sector and the way in which we disperse a sense of social responsibility amongst the industry more generally … public, private and commercial,” Mr O’Connor said.

We all have a stake to play in a healthy society in the west.”

Speakers also agreed that data must play a greater role in developing targeted policy to address population health issues.