Library staff gets keys to brand new home

Westmead Hospital staff have begun unpacking to prepare for their new library.

Westmead library staff have started moving into their brand new home, shifting books and journals to prepare for the library’s re-opening in mid-June.

Library manager Linda Mulheron said it is an exciting milestone for her team.

“It’s very exciting for us to be able to move back into our beloved library,” she said.

“Once all the books and journals are set-up, the space will really come alive … I can’t wait until we can re-open it and others can see the new rooms and technology.”

Library staff have worked hard to reduce their physical collection and move more resources online.

An efficient technology solution is being rolled out so that ‘roaming librarians’ can support students and staff in education, training and research.

WSLHD research and education network operations director Helene Abouyanni said the district’s partnership with the University of Sydney has been instrumental in getting to this point.

“The Westmead Hospital library team and the University of Sydney library team have worked in partnership throughout this entire process to reach a design and outcome for the new library that is functional, flexible and inspiring,” she said.

“Our team will continue to work with the university to achieve our goal of empowering clinicians, students, patients and carers to be part of world-class quality healthcare.”

Chief operating officer of the University of Sydney at Westmead, Kate O’Sullivan said it has been inspiring to see so many different professionals from different organisations work together.

“The efficiency and quality with which this project has been achieved by everyone involved … including builders, designers, the library staff themselves and many other groups is a brilliant example of the collaborative atmosphere here at Westmead,” she said.

For the next few weeks, the library team will be busy completing commissioning and operational readiness activities.

These include a series of training and orientation workshops to ensure staff are ready to work in a new physical space and in a new way.

The library is expected to re-open in mid-June and it can be used by all WSLHD and University of Sydney staff, students and visitors participating in education, training and research activities.