Time is running out for high-risk staff to have shots

WSLHD chief executive Danny O’Connor fills out his influenza vaccination form under the watchful eye of WSLHD registered immunisation nurse Jen Morgan.

Annual influenza vaccination is free for all NSW health workers and this year it is mandatory for employees working in high-risk clinical areas to have the vaccine prior to June 1.

Westmead Hospital Infectious Disease specialist Dr Dominic Dwyer said it is vital for staff who work in high-risk clinical areas to be vaccinated.

“Staff who work in antenatal, perinatal and post-natal areas, neonatal intensive care unit, special care units, home visiting health services for neonates, paediatric intensive care, transplant and oncology wards and intensive care units are required to have the immunisation.

“More than 7,500 staff have already been vaccinated.

“People who work in these vulnerable areas and are unable to have the vaccination need to supply evidence from their doctor or treating specialist.

“During the flu season these high-risk workers must wear a surgical mask while providing patient care in high risk clinical areas or ask to be deployed to a non-high risk clinical area.

“It’s important for us to lead by example because when we treat patients who are susceptible we need to protect our most vulnerable from the flu.”

For further information about influenza vaccinations visit: http://wslhdintranet.wsahs.nsw.gov.au/Employment-Health-Assessment-/Staff-Health-Unit/Staff-Health-Unit/2018-influenza-vaccine-program