When true love and Milo mix

Donald Ferrick’s stay at Westmead Hospital is enriched by two things: his beautiful wife of 62 years and one of Australia’s most iconic drinks, Milo.

Mr Ferrick, a long-time melanoma sufferer, is recovering from surgery following an arm fracture.

His treating clinician Dr Katherine Allsopp recommended surgery which has saved his life.

“My arm was very painful so I went to hospital. I found out after an X-Ray that my melanoma had spread and fractured my shoulder,” Donald said.

“I’ve had melanoma for four years and every time I get on top of it, it catches up with me.

“I ended up having surgery and they put a big pin in that’s holding my arm together.”

Donald said he was very grateful for his treatment at Westmead Hospital.

“I’m feeling pretty good now,” Donald said.

“I’m starting to pick up again. I don’t feel sick, but I do get tired.”

Don is a big fan of milo.

Getting him through his treatment has been his favourite drink Milo, his only special request while at hospital.

In an era where some great Aussie brands are being sold off, Donald is staying true blue to Milo.

“Milo is quite a pleasant drink,” Donald said.

“Jill and I always have Milo at home so I asked Jill to buy it for me when I was admitted to hospital.

“I’ve been drinking it ever since it came onto the market, almost my whole life, I drink it every day.”

Donald’s wife Jill has also been by his side every day, catching the community bus every morning to visit her husband.

“We’ve never argued and we always listen to each other,” Jill said.

“I also hug him every day.”

Dr Allsopp said she was very pleased with Donald’s progress.

“Donald has had a remarkable recovery from a life-threatening fracture, mainly due to the immobility and pain it caused.

“Don and Jill have collaborated with an expert team of anaesthetists, orthopaedic surgeons, radiation oncologists, nurses, a rehabilitation physiotherapist and occupational therapists here at Westmead to achieve a great outcome.

“And of course Don’s amazing spirit has been the driver throughout his recovery …. when the going gets tough, the tough reach for a hearty glass of Milo.”