State of Origin: Cane toad rushed to Westmead Hospital

State of origin patient
Westmead Hospital emergency department nurses Jane Collins and Raphael Sy are doing their best to save patient Jim Skidmore from maroon pox.

Westmead Hospital’s emergency department staff are working around the clock to save a cane toad who has presented with a nasty case of maroon pox.

Maroon pox occurs when a NSW-based individual expresses a desire to support Queensland in the State of Origin series.

Symptoms include maroon spots on the body, confusion and severe heart ache due to QLD’s on-field performance.

Nursing staff Jane Collins and Raphael Sy tried to locate a heartbeat this morning but experienced difficulty.

Doctors have also commenced investigations into whether the patient, Jim Skidmore, is experiencing blindness, due to his choice of jersey.

The patient is currently stable but his condition is expected to worsen overnight when the NSW Blues beat the Maroons in the first part of this year’s State of Origin series.

Stay tuned to Western Sydney Local Health District’s Facebook page for updates on Jim’s deteriorating condition before game two.

Thank you to our friends at Rebel Sport Parramatta for loaning two jerseys to Westmead Hospital.