Your opinion is vital to our health service

WSLHD Consumer Council left to right: Consumer Representative Nitin Chidri, WSLHD chief executive Danny O’Connor, Consumer Representatives Anne Stanfield, Philip Lee, Kathy Van Oeveren, Ken Freeman, Evert Van Oeveren, Tony Myatt, Lorraine Shaw, Michael Watts, Marj Freeman, Mike Font, Caroline Raunjak, Amal Etri, Sean Vicary, Ajay Varshney, WSLHD Consumer Partnership officer Tara Lee and manager Dr Coralie Wales.

This is the final year for collecting data for the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) research study which measures the impact of our consumer partnership program.

WSLHD Community and Consumer Partnerships manager Dr Coralie Wales said the data has been complied over a two year period.

“Apart from some demographic items, the survey has ten questions … this includes five closed questions about our views on partnering with consumer representatives on committees and five qualitative questions about our experiences of the impact of the partnership between consumer reps and staff members,” Dr Wales said.

“We asked consumer reps and staff what they thought would improve the impact of Consumer Partnership and implemented your suggestions after 2016 and before we started collecting data in 2017.

“One of the improvements you suggested was providing mentorship to new consumer reps, so we co-designed a mentoring program.

“Another was to introduce practical steps for staff to know what to do in engaging consumer reps, so we co-designed the Seven Habits of Highly Engaged Committees program and we think this has helped.”

Statistical analysis has shown a significant improvement in three of the five closed questions.

“It’s really important that you again take the survey this year,” Dr Wales said.

“It will be released on 1 June 2018 and we ask you to complete the survey that relates to where you are mostly located.

“There are three surveys, one for Cumberland Hospital, one for Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals and one for Westmead and Auburn.”

How to complete the survey?

Please make sure you complete the short survey as it helps us track the ongoing impact of engagement across the district.

If you are based at Westmead or Auburn hospitals, including Westmead Redevelopment project, please complete this survey:

If you are based at Blacktown or Mount Druitt hospitals, including Blacktown Stage 2 Expansion project please complete this survey:

If you are based at Cumberland hospital please complete this survey: