Icing on the cake for Westmead Hospital

Staff in Westmead’s Emergency department celebrated the success of Project RED and the BHI figures.

A sweet treat for Westmead Hospital turned into a major celebration when the NSW Bureau of Health Information announced outstanding improvements to emergency treatment performance rates in the Western Sydney Local Health District.

Westmead’s Emergency Department and Patient Flow teams were already celebrating the success of Project RED improvements when the results came through.

Project RED is a clinician-led whole-of-hospital redesign project which has transformed emergency treatment performance at Westmead Hospital.

Since the project began at Westmead, nearly 900 additional patients per month are being seen and discharged within four hours.

Acting General Manager Sue-Anne Redmond said the outstanding results were the ‘icing on the cake’ for Westmead.

“There is no doubt we had a problem with emergency treatment performance times last year but this year staff have been part of the solution,” Ms Redmond said.

This week’s BHI figures identified Westmead as having one of the highest improvement rates in the state.

“Staff made that happen by supporting ED, supporting patient flow and making it a whole-of-hospital solution,” Ms Redmond said.

“The improvements have been outstanding and I can’t thank staff enough for their efforts.”

For more information about Project RED at Westmead Hospital contact Jill.Waring@health.nsw.gov.au or search for Project RED on the intranet.