Doctor’s 40kg obesity fight: ‘My body was being poisoned’

Dr Ramy Bishay fought off 40kg with the support of his family.

After years of feeling ‘tired of being tired’, Blacktown Hospital’s Dr Ramy Bishay fought off obesity and has now dedicated his career to helping others do the same.

At 120kg, Dr Bishay realised he was not fully living his life.

“Getting healthy felt too hard to do,” Dr Bishay said.

“Family cooking didn’t help either … both my parents developed diabetes and my siblings were obese too.

“My body was being poisoned so I decided to make a change.”

Dr Bishay, who is now a staff specialist at the hospital, said getting someone to help you along the way with weight loss is very important.

“My family got together and agreed to be accountable to each other and lose weight.

“I ended up losing about 40kg … I am now 78kg.”

An older photo supplied to The Pulse by Dr Bishay.

Dr Bishay encouraged others to make a a lifestyle change for the better and to start now.

“Watch what you eat and have a form of exercise until you’re 80 … you don’t need to go to the gym … I don’t think I would be where I am now if I didn’t make those lifestyle changes,” Dr Bishay said.

“I’d be a very depressed individual with medical problems … no one wants to live like that.”

Dr Ramy Bishay now weighs a healthy 78kg.

Dr Bishay thanked his wife and family for their help in rebranding and repurposing his life.

He now heads up Blacktown Hospital’s new Metabolic and Weight Loss Clinic which is working hard to halt the obesity epidemic in western Sydney.

For more information contact Blacktown Hospital on 9881 8000.