Performance review from Chief Executive, Danny O’Connor

An aerial shot of Westmead Hospital.

The financial year is ended.

In May 2017, the Secretary of NSW Health, Ms Elizabeth Koff, formally expressed her concern about our District’s underperformance in relation to several important measures.

These included our emergency access key performance indicator, mental health seclusion rates and budget.

The District executive has been required to attend monthly meetings with the Ministry regarding progress in relation to these and overall key performance indicators throughout the past year.

The last of these meetings for 2017/18 was on June 21.

At this meeting the Deputy Secretary Systems Purchasing and Performance, Ms Susan Pearce, asked me to extend the Ministry’s recognition of your hard work.

The improvements made by WSLHD on the KPIs of concern to the Secretary, as well as other performance measures including the sustained solid performance of the surgical program, were noted and praised.

Emergency access performance of all our emergency departments and hospitals has improved considerably.

Seclusion rates in our mental health services are now at, or below, the state average.

We achieved the expenses reduction target set by the Ministry thanks to your hard work.

This was required to bring our average expenses per unit of clinical activity back in line with the state average.

Some of our services are actually well below the average state price for similar services.

You also delivered very strong results in the special funded services of community palliative care, metabolic surgery and integrated health.

Overall, more services were delivered in 2017/18 than ever before.

I also recognise the hard work being applied to the large capital projects at Blacktown and Westmead and the planning that has been undertaken for our future mental health services.

We now need to take advantage of the hard work of 2017/18 and prepare ourselves for Blacktown Hospital becoming a very different hospital in mid-2019 when the stage two expansion will open.

Work on the resource plan to operate what will  become one of the largest hospitals in New South Wales is well advanced.

Likewise, at the Westmead Precinct, we have two years to prepare for the opening of stage one of the redevelopment.

This requires us to have resource plans to successfully operate the new the new buildings, including increased services delivered between the existing Westmead Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Westmead.

Again, solid progress is being made.

Thank you for your contribution during a difficult year.

So much has been accomplished in preparing us to take full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities before us.