Mum’s phone returned thanks to Westmead security

These Westmead Hospital security guards are being honoured for their handy work.

Westmead Hospital security guards Ali Abbas, Nathan Cummings and Randhawa Singh are being honoured for returning a stolen phone to mum Katherine Sinclair.

Ms Sinclair was at Westmead Hospital while her 16-year-old son was in a four hour heart surgery operation.

She was waiting in the cafeteria when the incident occurred.

“I had my phone plugged in at a power point near where I was sitting,” Ms Sinclair said.

“I looked up from my book to see my phone and charger gone and a man walking away … I felt a surge of panic as the doctor needed to contact me on my mobile to let me know how the surgery went, along with my family and friends who were waiting to hear from me about my son’s surgery.

“I approached the man and a passing nurse saw the altercation and asked what was wrong … I said that the man had taken my phone and charger and needed it back … the man claimed he only had the charger and had no idea what happened to the phone … at this point the nurse notified security … It turned out a woman who was with him took my phone and he had taken the charger.”

Ali Abbas, Nathan Cummings and Randhawa Singh near Zoukis where the phone was allegedly stolen.

Westmead Hospital’s security team was on the job straight away.

Ms Sinclair said following a series of questions in a calm and measured approached they pieced together the situation.

“One of the security guards gave me his phone so I could call the police … once the man knew the police were on their way, he said that he might be able to get the phone.

“The security guards followed the man to the carpark, met with a woman and retrieved my phone.

“It was a tremendous relief … It was only returned as a result of the calm persistence, careful negotiation and professionalism from the security team … they did not agitate the man or escalate the situation.”

Ms Sinclair said her son’s heart surgery was a success.

“I was able to contact my friends and family to pass on the good news,” she said.

“I am so grateful for the work of the security team in this difficult situation and commend them for their commitment to a positive outcome for all involved.”

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