The Regular Dose revamp

The new site for The Regular Dose is launching soon.
Coming soon – a new, improved site for The Regular Dose.

We have revamped The Regular Dose in response to your feedback.

The new site looks better and you will be able to access it on your mobile phone as well as on a desktop, laptop or iPad.

It is accessible offsite as well at our facilities, so you can read it when and where you want to.

There is a webpage for each topic so you can easily read the messages you are interested in without having to open individual files.

Packed full of announcements, updates and essential information from the health district and your colleagues, The Regular Dose covers everything from events, training, clinical services and opportunities to our people, new policies and procedures and more.

There are also short (1–2 minute) videos and other messages from the Executive and senior leaders, about LHD strategy, initiatives and other important information for staff.

In an upcoming video, Kathy Dempsey, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Manager Infection Prevention & Control, discusses the winter season, focusing on when you should stay at home and when it is safe to return to work if you come down with the flu.

Look out for the new The Regular Dose email on Thursdays and let us know what you think –