Crafty gift for 20 years service

WSLHD Palliative and Supportive care director Dr Sally Greenaway with mosiac artist Marianne Rowley and Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals’ staff specialist Dr Mark McLean.

More than 200 hours went into creating one of the largest pieces of artwork on display in the Palliative and Supportive Care unit at Mount Druitt Hospital.

The mosaic has 30 individual crafted pieces signifying solace the gardens provide for patients, families and carers.

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Palliative and Supportive care volunteer manager Kylie Clark said the mosaic was designed as part of the Palliative Care unit’s 20th Anniversary.

“This giant piece of art was created in collaboration with the Unit’s volunteers, Bidwill Uniting Creative Space, Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals cancer service, patients, families, carers and staff,” Ms Clark said.

“The mosaic was a collaborative talking point generating lots of discussions with families and giving everyone time to gather together and share their life experiences with staff and volunteers.

“When you step out into the gardens you are greeted by a beautiful native garden with the mosaic a centre piece which is etched with native birds and insects which are common in a typical Australian garden.

“Patients can view the garden from their rooms and this nature escape is unique compared to other wards.

“We hope this artwork and dedicated garden will help create tranquillity, peace and a sense of belonging for patients, families and staff.

Thank you to all involved in creating this masterpiece!

The mosiacs add colour to the Palliative and Supportive Care unit gardens at Mount Druitt.