Next chapter for a sociable soul

Westmead Hospital environmental services manager Raynelle Howat and hospital assistant Pamela Stevens farewell Graham Dominick.

Taking his last strides around Westmead Hospital today is the cheerful and friendly environmental services assistant Graham Dominick as he prepares for a new challenge in his life – retirement!

Each day Graham greets people with a friendly greeting and a smile as he works he way around the hospital.

The 67 year-old tells The Pulse he has worked all his life and has never been out of work and is not feeling ready to fully retire.

“I’ve decided to leave Westmead because of the ongoing injury to my knees.  Physically I have to stop walking so much but mentally I’m not ready to stop working,” Mr Dominick said.

“I will really miss the people I’ve worked with and met over the years and I’ve really enjoyed working here.

“My specialist tells me I need to take it easy and not walk so much so I have to call it a day.

Graham plans to spend his leisurely days helping his wife run her embroidery business from home and will eventually travel.

Workplace training will still remain in Graham’s life with his wife planning to teach him computer and smartphone skills.

“Everyday this week I’ve been treated to a morning tea or luncheon by different departments and staff who to say goodbye and wish me all the best in my retirement.

“I’ll really miss the friendly people and saying hi to everyone – its been a pleasure to come to work.”

We wish you all the best for your retirement Graham!

Westmead staff farewell Graham Dominick.