Health experts warn of high lead levels in Hashmi brand of eyeliner

High levels of lead have been found in Surma Hasmi eyeliner.

NSW Health and NSW Fair Trading are advising the NSW community to avoid the use of Hashmi brand cosmetic eye liner products, particularly in children, as they may contain high levels of lead and other heavy metals.

The cosmetic products are known to be sold under various different product names such as Kohl, Kajal and Surma and have been found in Indian grocery stores in Western Sydney. There are concerns these products may be widely used by the Indian and Pakistani communities.  Lead can be absorbed into the body when using this eyeliner and its use has been linked to elevated blood lead levels in small children.

WSLHD Director of Population Health Dr Stephen Corbett is warning the Indian and Pakistani communities, and other people who may use these products of the health concerns surrounding these traditional cosmetic eyeliner products.

“Test results have shown high levels of lead and other heavy metals of concern and both NSW Health and the Department of Fair Trading are requesting shops who stock eyeliner products which may contain lead to withdraw them from sale”, Dr Corbett said.

“Young children are most at risk from lead as it can affect a child’s mental and physical development.

“If you suspect that you or your child has been exposed to lead containing cosmetic products, contact your local doctor or GP for further advice.”

For further information you can contact the Poisons Information Centre on 131126 or your local Public Health Unit in your area on 1300 066 055.