Tap on and print off

WSLHD chief medical information officer Associate Professor Naren Gunja and Canon business services manager Gabrielle Albrecht

‘Tap on and off’ is a colloquial term that many people associate with the use of the Opal card when using public transport.

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) gives this term a new meaning with a slight deviation to say tap on and print off. 

Tap on and print off is the implementation of the new Managed Print Solution (MPS) being rolled out across the following locations:

  • Cumberland Hospital
  • Community Health
  • Women’s Health in Westmead
  • Westmead Oral Health
  • Westmead Imaging

The locations currently ongoing are:

  • Breast Cancer Institute (BCI) rollout requested between July and August
  • Rest of Westmead Hospital between 1 August and 12 October.

WSLHD Information Technology Services chief technology officer Les Forrest said that WSLHD is the first health district within NSW Health to switch on this technology.

“Medical staff who use any application via an iPad, iPhone or Mac that support AirPrint, will be able to print from the ward or department, Mr Forrest said.

“We are working our way around the district with Westmead and Blacktown Hospital next on the agenda.

“Once fully rolled out, you will be able to print from any WSLHD location and collect your print using “Tap” from any printer in the district.

“The best thing here, is by introducing this new technology it has allowed us to significantly reduce our printer operating costs.

“Cumberland Hospital was the first facility to be totally connected – with 71 printers activated.

“Clinicians, nurses and hospital managers can now click and connect to print from designated MPS Canon printers within our hospitals.”

ITS have included the option of Apple Airprint which allows you to print documents from your Apple device, which must be connected to the Clinical WiFi.

Step by step instructions on how to use and connect to Apple AirPrint can be found at: http://wslhdintranet.wsahs.nsw.gov.au/its-subsite-may-2017/managed-print-services/managed-print-services under the quick reference guide section.