Students led by correct techniques

Westmead medical students receiving training on respiratory devices.

For the first time ever, medical students from the Westmead Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health have been shown techniques on how to teach their patients the correct use of inhaler devices.

These first year students participated in a practical teaching workshop led by WSLHD Primary Health Care and research unit director Associate Professor Smita Shah and Westmead Hospital clinical nurse consultant Mary Roberts.

A range of placebo inhaler devices were given to the students which were supplied by the Lung Foundation of Australia.

“Poor inhaler techniques and inadequate use of the inhalers from patients is something researchers and clinicians have seen for more than 40 years”, said A/Professor Shah.

“It’s really exciting to provide medical students with appropriate practical training.

“We received an overwhelming positive response from the students, with more than 90 per cent stating they will share these techniques with their patients.

“I liked how students used a hands-on approach by demonstrating each technique to the group.

“As future health professionals, we will need to teach our patients the correct way to use these devices immediately and effectively.”

Westmead medical students Jessica Vos, Oliver Despois and Ellen Dobrijevic.