Savvy staff step up

Risk Management staff step it out to prepare for Steptember.
Joanne Graham, Mick Miceli, Jill Dadios, Kim Paull, Bradley Dolambert and Sandra Derossi step up for Steptember.

The Risk Management team is not holding back on their plans to get fit and healthy, with 20 staff signing up for both Get Healthy at Work and Steptember.

The team became interested in Steptember as a physical activity for their Get Healthy at Work Action Plan, said Joanne Graham, Enterprise Risk Management Coordinator.

“We thought it would be a great way of getting fitter and healthier, while raising money for children with cerebral palsy,” she said.

“We’re so lucky to have our health and we want to support children and their families who have a daily struggle.”

The five Risk Management teams are gearing up for Steptember by walking between Cumberland and Westmead Hospitals to attend meetings and going on lunchtime walks.

There is also a lunchroom leaderboard.

However, the competition is more friendly than fierce, with plans for a group fundraising activity to help all of the teams reach their fundraising targets.

Keep an eye out for members of the Red Hot Chilli Steppers, Orange is the New Black, Blue Steel, Sexy Girls and Also Rans during Steptember.

You can still join them!

Register your team this week to make sure you receive your pedometer before Steptember starts on 4 September.

WSLHD staff can register for free using the code WSLHD2018.

Find out more about Steptember at

For information about the Get Healthy at Work program, contact Renee Gwee, Population Health Program Officer, Centre for Population Health.