Call don’t fall

Westmead Hospital D5C staff supported Falls Prevention Awareness Week – registered nurses Jason Garcia, Shaireen Ramjahn, Britney Raj, Benilda Cucio and Joanna Golez.

For elderly or frail patients their stay in hospital can be extended or even complicated if they experience a fall.

It can be due to a number of issues including their diet, strength, medications, physical activity or being in a unfamiliar environment.

Westmead Hospital neurosurgery/short stay surgical unit acting clinical nurse educator Shaireen Ramjahn said that the departmental staff assess patients who are at more risk of a fall following their admission to hospital.

“The neurosurgical ward has a dedicated falls room which is specifically for patients who are nimble on their feet … a nurse is stationed in this room 24/7,” she said.

“Westmead Hospital’s multidisciplinary staff including pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists work together to develop strategies to prevent falls and maintain a safer environment for our patients while they are in hospital.”

Falls Prevention Awareness Week was held between August 6 – 10 and focused on educating staff about different situations which can lead to patient falls.