It’s not a long way to the top

Workers on the roof of the new hospital building
Workers on the roof of the new hospital building

Westmead’s new hospital building has hit its construction halfway height mark, with seven of 14 levels visible on the skyline.

If you’ve recently walked past the main construction site, you will have noticed the significant progress underway as the new hospital building climbs into the skies of Westmead.

Health Infrastructure project director Tim Mason said construction of the floor slabs had reached the third and fourth floors for the new hospital building, depending on what part of the site you were on. A fifth floor has been reached for the Innovation Centre construction site, which sits adjacent to the new hospital building.

“The lift core is even higher – it has reached the seventh floor, so you can imagine how vast the scale of the building is,” Tim said.

The final height of the new hospital building will be approximately 65m high from the current ground level – an Airbus A380 aircraft is 72.72 metres long.

A number of white and yellow concrete booms are visible across the worksite. These large arms allow concrete trucks to pump fresh concrete up to each floor of the building.

The concrete structure of the building is expected to be completed by early 2019.

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