The moment a hospital cleaner persuades disabled man to salsa dance

Westmead Hospital cleaner Ljubica Simic encouraged cerebral palsy patient Andrew Tabakovic to salsa dance with her after his medical check-up.

Cerebral palsy patient Andrew Tabakovic has certainly experienced a hospital visit to remember.

The 24-year-old recently found himself salsa dancing with Westmead Hospital cleaner Ljubica Simic after a general check-up with his doctor.

He hesitates at first, but Ljubica ultimately convinces him to join her. Seconds later, Andrew was seen laughing and confidently spinning his wheelchair to Michael Buble’s ‘Sway’.

Andrew was born with cerebral palsy and was experiencing up to 50 seizures a day due to his epilepsy. After his body rejected all of the conventional treatments, a Westmead Hospital trial has shown great success, reducing his seizures to three a day, with some seizure-free days.

Andrew’s mother Corinne Pisanu said her son was down in the dumps after his quarterly hospital visit, but the dancing session lifted his spirits.

“Andrew saw the cleaner dancing and it definitely cheered him up,” Corinne said.

“He is a real character.  He’s a bit shy at first, he’ll have a little peak in the background, but if someone asks him to join in – he’s off like a rocket.

“He normally needs cheering up after a hospital visit so I’ll offer him a hot chocolate to cheer him up. I didn’t need to this time, he was happy on the way home and was loving life.

“The cleaner is a lovely person – it’s nice to see somebody going above and beyond to make the most of a difficult job and taking the opportunity to cheer people up – it makes a difference.”

Ljubica, who has been dubbed Westmead Hospital’s happiest cleaner, regularly goes above and beyond to cheer patients up.

“I don’t just clean, I like to help patients,” Ljubica said.

“My mother had breast cancer, so I know when I see someone’s face that they are worried.”