Relief over Parkinson’s diagnosis: ‘I could barely hold my head up’

Rachel Franjic was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease this week.

Rachel Franjic spent months trying to understand the symptoms she was experiencing, but thankfully a recent Blacktown Hospital emergency department visit got her the answers she was waiting for.

Forty-seven-year-old Rachel said her husband rushed her to the hospital last Wednesday as they couldn’t wait any longer for a diagnosis.

“I’ve been sick for months and was getting worse and worse,” Rachel said.

“I could barely hold my head up. I was terrified. My son was kissing my elbow telling me I wasn’t going to die. It was very overwhelming.”

Rachel, who is a mother of five from Quakers Hill, said her treatment in the hospital’s emergency department commenced straight away.

“Within ten minutes I was admitted, within the hour I was in a bed and that same hour they ran tests,” Rachel said.

“Within a day I was diagnosed for Parkinson’s, medicated and in a ward being treated. Knowing what was going on was a huge help. 

“I feel very relieved to know my diagnosis because now I can start treating it.” 

Rachel shared her experience on Monday as part an interview provided to 9 News regarding a new emergency department trial that will revolutionise the wait time experience at Blacktown Hospital.

You can read more about the trial here.

To find out more about the Parkinsons’ disease visit the Parkinson’s NSW website: