Westmead Hospital emergency team peeks into the future

Group smiles to camera wearing hi vis vests and helmets
Members of Westmead Hospital’s emergency department visit the prototype rooms

Members of Westmead Hospital’s emergency department (ED) have taken a tour of the prototype rooms for the new hospital building.

Westmead Hospital’s director of emergency medicine Dr Matt Vukasovic took a group of 12 ED staff to view examples of spaces within the new hospital building. The team visited a sample emergency room, an operating theatre, other patient rooms and staff areas.

“It was great to tour these spaces,” Matt said.

“We instantly recognised the impact of our team in the design and planning process. The tour also prompted us to think about the operationalisation of our spaces. We still have some work to do to prepare ourselves for the new spaces, and the Westmead Redevelopment project team is supporting us through this process. This prototype space will be very useful – we can really start preparing other members of the team and running simulations.”

Community members, patients, students and staff are invited to visit the prototype rooms during Sticky-beak Week.

Find out more about the Westmead Redevelopment project: westmeadproject.health.nsw.gov.au

Map and invitation