Surgeon’s work-life balance reminder: don’t let family life suffer

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Bu Bulalla.

Westmead Hospital’s chief orthopaedic surgeon Dr Bu Bulalla has certainly put in the hard yards and achieved a successful career, but has also reminded people about work-life balance. 

“If you’re pursuing a career in medicine, you have to find the niche you really enjoy and follow that,” Dr Bulalla said.

“Think about what it really means to do that job for the rest of your working career.

“You’ve got to find what you really like and go for it, but don’t let your family or life outside of work suffer because of your career,” Dr Bulalla said.

“Make sure both get equal attention.”

Dr Bulalla specialises in knee surgery and while heading up the orthopaedic department at Westmead Hospital, he also operates on patients at Auburn Hospital.

“The first-ever operation I watched as a student was surgery on a shoulder rotator cuff. I thought it was pretty amazing you could put a needle through the bone,” Dr Bulalla said.

“I liked orthopaedic surgery half way through medical school – when there’s a problem and something is broken, you fix it and the patient generally gets better.

“It’s also instantenous, you see results pretty fast.”

Dr Bulalla has operated on people from all walks of life including professional footballers and patients who are affected by arthritis.