First joint elective surgery performed at Auburn Hospital

Physiotherapists James Chen and Jaclyn Allwood escort patient Nicholas Nahloos (centre) after his surgery at Auburn Hospital.

Auburn Hospital has introduced elective orthopaedic surgery for eligible patients to provide better access to treatment for the residents of western Sydney.

The Auburn orthopaedic service offers elective and lower complex orthopaedic cases applying post-operative rehabilitation and exercise for the patients. 

Auburn Hospital staff celebrate the start of the new service. 

Auburn Hospital operations director for surgery Jenelle Matic said she is delighted that this surgery is being performed at Auburn Hospital.

“By introducing the surgery we hope to improve timeliness for patients requiring joint surgery in western Sydney,” Ms Matic said.

“We will be treating more patients and reduce their waiting times.

Doctors Hedra Eskender and Dr Bu Bulalla in the operating theatre. 

“The service consists of a team of three visiting medical officers, two surgical registrars who perform the surgery and are supported by theatre and skilled surgical nurses, two physiotherapists, a social worker and occupational therapist and dieticians.”

The first knee joint elective surgery was performed at Auburn Hospital on Monday September 24 with local resident Nicholas Nahlous.

Nicholas Nahloos was all smiles after his surgery.

The 52 year-old Baulkham Hills resident said this is his fifth knee operation and hopes this will be his last.

“I’ve torn certain tissues in the knee earlier in the year and unfortunately tore it again while participating in a high impact cardio routine at my gym,” Mr Nahlous said.

“I’m normally a healthy, fit and active person and since triggering this injury I’ve been limping for a few months.

Physiotherapist Jaclyn Allwood with patient Nicholas Nahloos.

“My knee gets inflamed and is very uncomfortable and locks up on me every now and then.

“I’ll have to take it easy for 5-6 weeks but once I’m fully recovered I will start training again but I’ll be a lot more cautious with my exercises.

“I’m grateful and very appreciative for a great public health system that’s second to none.”

Orthopaedic surgery includes surgery on the musculoskeletal system including the skeleton, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to treat numerous illnesses or injuries.

Congratulations to Auburn Hospital.