Couple donates ‘cuddle cot’ to Auburn Hospital

Auburn Hospital has been donated their first cuddle cot.

Auburn Hospital has been gifted a cuddle cot by a couple who recently lost their child in tragic circumstances.

Their grief has now been channelled into something positive, with the family raising enough money to buy a cuddle cot.

A cuddle cot is a cooling system that fits within a smaller cot, allowing babies that have passed away to remain with their families for a longer period of time.

The couple raised around $6,000 via Bears of Hope, a pregnancy and infant loss support not-for profit, in order to honour their child.

Midwifery Unit Manager, Natalie Wearne said the hospital was appreciative of the generous donation.

“Cuddle cots are important because it allows the family to spend a longer time with their little baby and to help the grieving process.”

“We are so grateful to receive this cuddle cot at Auburn Hospital.”

“This is the first donation of a cuddle cot that we have ever had.

“Going forward it will be a huge benefit to the community to have the cuddle cot here.”